Dettingen Park 4Dettingen Park in Deepcut was completed by a consortium of Developers in 2003. Barratt’s, George Wimpy and Persimmon built over 350 properties on the former Alma Dettingen Barracks.

The lead developer Barratt’s Southern Counties installed the property management company Peverel who were responsible for the day to day running of the estate.

Swordsman’s Road resident Paul Deach established community web forums as a means for residents to communicate issues with each other. As a result it quickly became apparent that Peverel were not performing to the majority of residents expectations.

Drifters Drive resident Peter Bassett, had the idea to form a residents committee and an inaugural meeting was convened.

The Dettingen Estate Owners Committee was formally constituted and Paul Deach elected Chairman.

The idea behind the formation of the committee was to remove Peverel, however, the committee decided that it would be easier to engage Peverel and see if there was a way that we could get them to perform.

For a short time things did improve but Peverel failed to consistently deliver and familiar complaints resurfaced.

At a packed annual general meeting in 2007 members unanimously voted to remove Peverel and replace with a more effective managing agent.

DEOC employed the services of solicitor Martin Buckeldee to act on its behalf and well over the required (over 51%) amount of completed vote forms were sent via the solicitor to Peverels legal department. Peverel rejected the forms on the grounds that they were not in an agreed format, some were claimed to be eligible and that the forms were completed over 12 months ago. Many residents believed this to be a stalling tactic by Peverel.

Using the community email distribution list, forms in the agreed format were quickly redistributed. This was followed up with a door-to-door campaign to collect any outstanding forms. Such was the overwhelming desire to remove Peverel, it took only 7 weeks to collect well over the required amount.

DEOC incorporated “Dettingen Park Management Company Limited” with Companies House and appointed “itsyourplace” as the estate-managing agents to act on its behalf with the day-to-day management of Dettingen Park.

Through either inefficiency or further delaying tactics (or both), the hand over from Peverel to Dettingen Park Management Company Limited hung in the balance right up to the scheduled day of hand over. However, the hand over occurred at 8am on Thursday 1st July 2010 after what was a three-year battle.